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SCOPE AND PURPOSE: WHO regional meeting on behavioural and cultural insights for health

Combining plenary presentations, facilitated discussions and focused topic break-out sessions, the meeting will advance implementation of the 5-year “European regional action framework for behavioural and cultural insights for health”, agreed by Member States at the 72nd session of the WHO Regional Committee for Europe in September last year.

The meeting will also provide an opportunity for BCI stakeholders in ministries of health, public health institutes and academia to discuss the findings of the first regional status report on BCI implementation, and the results of a qualitative study on the barriers and drivers in applying BCI for health. Participants will share case examples and lessons learned in using BCI in their respective countries.

Meeting objectives

The meeting seeks to:

  • advance collaboration and solidify a regional BCI community of practice;
  • set the direction for BCI for health, implementing the BCI action framework;
  • strengthen knowledge, opportunities and confidence in applying BCI;
  • promote collaboration between regional and international partners and countries.

It is the first in-person gathering for the network of BCI focal points from health authorities, established in 2021.

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