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Use of social media in health access and promotion

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Infomobile-Welcome 2 Europe (w2eu) is a self-organized open space network that provides support guidance and useful information for refugees who are on the move, through distribution of information cards and leaflets, its web resources, and the Alarmphone and WatchTheMed platforms. W2eu works as a collaborative initiative, with information fed into it from migrants, activists, NGOs and seafarers active in the Mediterranean region.  

W2eu aims to raise public awareness about refugee issues through the dissemination of information, including refugee narratives, press releases, photos and video documentaries covering issues such as detention conditions and human rights violations. The w2eu website ( provides information to refugees and migrants that might be useful to them as they journey through Europe. Translated into four languages (Arabic, English, Farsi and French), it offers information on a country’s migration and health policy as well as first-hand warnings and advice on diverse health and well-being-related issues. It also tells migrants where they can receive medical assistance in different European cities. Live information is also available on the situation at border crossings, and the participatory nature of the platform enables many different actors to identify, and respond to, ongoing issues causing distress. 



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