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The TAP quick guide: a practical handbook for implementing tailoring antimicrobial resistance programmes

This Tailoring Antimicrobial Resistance Programmes (TAP) Quick Guide has been developed to assist Member States in initiating and undertaking projects to address the spread of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in their countries. AMR is a complex problem with many factors affecting its rise and spread, making it difficult to address.

The TAP Quick Guide is designed to assist national-level TAP working groups in using a behavioural insights approach to identify appropriate and feasible interventions to begin tackling AMR in their contexts.

The Quick Guide provides a brief overview of AMR and the TAP process and walks users through the five stages of assessing feasibility, establishing a baseline understanding of issues, prioritizing topics to address, developing strategies, and implementing and evaluating interventions. The contents of the Quick Guide are based on a more extensive TAP Manual which will be available soon. Accompanying the Quick Guide is a TAP Toolbox with exercises and tools to assist in each stage of project development.

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