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Monitoring of the behavior and attitudes of the population related to COVID-19 in Spain (COSMO-SPAIN): WHO Study

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The Carlos III Health Institute coordinates the World Health Organization (WHO) Behavioral Insights survey on COVID-19 in Spain, with the aim of monitoring the behavior and attitudes of the population related to COVID-19 in our country. The data obtained with this survey is published on the COSMO-Spain website regularly so that both citizens and institutions can have access to it. 

The results of this survey help guide the pandemic response by providing relevant information for designing health strategies and awareness campaigns. In particular, data from these surveys has contributed to a better understanding of pandemic fatigue in Spain. This led to a comprehensive national communication strategy to deal with pandemic fatigue.

This study has been conducted in 30 countries in the WHO European Region, helping to track changes in perceptions and behaviours throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The BI survey is very useful for the Ministry of Health and works as a regular thermometer of attitudes, behaviours, barriers and motivators of citizens, that helps us assessing and adapting our communication strategies, as well as advocating for more effective and equitable control measures. 

The results and insights of the research team … helped the Ministry of Health frame our strategic guidelines against pandemic fatigue. This resulted, for example, in more acknowledging and positive messaging in the … campaign and materials, avoiding shaming or blaming messages.”

- Ministry of Health of Spain

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